Delhi Shoes Market

Are you in Delhi and looking for wholesale shoes market in Delhi? Well, you’ve come to the right place. With its crazy bazaars and street markets, Delhi has some of the best shopping in India when you’re on a budget. In this article, I’ll give you the inside scoop on the top spots around town to find stylish kicks from big brands like Nike and Adidas without emptying your wallet. From Janpath to Sarojini Nagar, I’ll walk you through where to get your hands on authentic sneakers, sandals, and more for a fraction of the usual cost. These tips allow you to update your summer wardrobe with cool new shoes without breaking the bank. Ready to find out where the deals are at? Let’s dive in!

Sarojini Nagar Market: Delhi’s Go-to for Affordable Fashion

Sarojini Nagar Market is a fashionista’s paradise. This famous shoes market in dehli is jam-packed with hundreds of clothing stores selling the latest branded styles at a fraction of the retail price. No matter what you’re looking for, you will find stylish pieces to refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Here is the reason Sarojini Nagar Market is Delhi’s Go-to for Affordable Fashion:

Trendy tops and dresses galore: Sarojini Nagar is primarily known for its collection of stylish tops, Kurtis, and various styles. You’ll find colorful crop tops, off-the-shoulder blouses, maxi dresses, and everything.

Jeans and pants for every figure: Jeans and pants in popular cuts like skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, and palazzos line the shelves of most stores in the market. You can find premium denim brands for a few hundred rupees that typically cost 2,000 or more. 

Branded shoes without the sticker shock: Name-brand shoes are another famous find at Sarojini Nagar Market. You can score pairs of Nike sneakers, Puma slides, and Steve Madden sandals for under 1,000 rupees. Just be prepared to dig through the stacks to find your perfect size and style!

You’ll find trendy pieces to refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank. You can find them at the shoes wholesale market in Delhi. Happy shopping!

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Janpath Market: Vintage Finds and Export Reject Branded Shoes

Janpath Market is a bustling open-air market in central Delhi popular among shoe lovers, fashionistas, and bargain hunters. You’ll find everything from the latest trends to vintage pieces at a fraction of the cost.

Export Reject Branded Shoes: Many stores in Janpath specialize in “export reject” branded shoes, meaning overstock or last season’s designs that didn’t make it to international stores. 

Vintage and Retro Finds: If you’re looking for unique vintage shoes, Janpath should be on your list. Several stalls feature shoes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s in styles you won’t find anywhere else. From retro Adidas sneakers to suede loafers, the options seem endless. 

Bargain Prices and Room for Negotiation: Haggling and bargaining are expected at Janpath, so don’t be afraid to negotiate, especially if buying multiple pairs. Prices are usually marked up, so you get 10-30% knocked off and more for high-quality or branded shoes. 

Chandni Chowk: Traditional Shoes and Delhi’s Oldest Market

Chandni Chowk is Delhi’s oldest and busiest market, teeming with shops selling everything from textiles to electronics. However, it is best known for its traditional shoe market or for whole sale shoes market in dehli, particularly in the Kinari Bazaar area. Here is the list of items you’ll find here:

Colorful Slippers: Slippers, known as chappals, come in a vibrant array of colors and patterns, from hot pink to neon green. You’ll spot slippers with pom poms, tassels, and embroidery for under $10. 

Embellished Sandals: Delicate sandals, or sandals, feature intricate embroidery, sequins, and beadwork. Strappy and backless styles are popular in the summer, while closed-toe pairs are ideal for cooler weather.

Handcrafted Jootis: Jootis are traditional Indian shoes resembling loafers or oxfords. Handcrafted from fine leather, jootis feature surface ornamentation done by skilled craftsmen. 

Chandni Chowk’s shoe market is a shopper’s paradise, filled with stylish and affordable options for any occasion. Take your time exploring its winding lanes, and you’ll find a pair that suits your style and budget. 

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Lajpat Nagar: The Place for Stylish Shoes on a Budget

Lajpat Nagar market is a haven for shoe lovers on a budget. You’ll find rows of shops dedicated solely to footwear, with styles to suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for sneakers, sandals, loafers, or stilettos, the shoe stalls of Lajpat Nagar have you covered.

Trendy and affordable: The shoe shops here are known for stocking the latest styles at meager prices. You can find replicas of high-end designer shoes at a fraction of the cost. Look for stores selling brands like Metro, Action, and Red Tape for trendy kicks at affordable rates. The shoes may sometimes be the highest quality, but if you want to follow fast fashion trends without maxing out your credit card, Lajpat Nagar is the place to go.

Bargain hard: Be bold and negotiate and bargain with the shopkeepers. Be willing to walk away to get the best deals. The shopkeepers will often chase you down the street, lowering their price with each step you take! 

Open late: The shoe stalls of Lajpat Nagar stay open into the late evening, some as late as 9 or 10 pm. Nighttime shoe shopping in Lajpat Nagar is an experience, with the bustling market lit up and vendors enthusiastically pitching their wares.

Whether updating your wardrobe for the latest season or wanting to indulge in some retail therapy, Lajpat Nagar’s shoe stalls offer stylish shoes at prices that won’t break the bank. With some savvy bargaining, you’ll be stepping out in new kicks without sacrificing your budget.

Dilli Haat: Ethnic Footwear From All Over India

Dilli Haat is a colorful open-air plaza that showcases traditional handicrafts from all over India. It’s a popular spot for finding stylish yet affordable footwear, with stalls featuring a variety of ethnic shoes from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, and other states.

Colorful Jootis and Mojaris: You’ll find an array of vibrantly embroidered and decorated shoes known as jootis and mojaris. Jootis are pointed slip-on shoes, while mojaris have rounded toes. 

Comfortable Kolhapuris: Kolhapuri chappals, or sandals, originate from Kolhapur in Maharashtra. They have a flat sole, strappy leather upper, and metal buckle. Extremely comfortable, kolhapuris molds to your feet over time. 

Trendy Punjabi Jutis: Colorful jutis, or slip-on shoes, are popular in Punjab. At Dilli Haat, you’ll find just shades of red, orange, and blue decorated with embroidery, sequins, or pom poms. Jutis are very lightweight but durable, great for dancing or casual wear. 

In addition to shoes, Dilli Haat is a great spot to shop for handicrafts like textiles, wood carvings, pottery, and jewelry. 


So there you have it – some of the best places in Delhi to find cheap, branded, stylish shoes. With a bit of time and patience, you’ll find amazing deals on the second-hand shoe market in Delhi. Just be prepared to dig through the stalls to uncover the real gems. And don’t be afraid to haggle – it’s expected, and you can often get the price down substantially with some polite negotiating. You’ll be strutting around Delhi in style with the right shoes at the right price. So get out there and start shopping – your dream shoes are waiting to be found!