Lucknow Tourist Places

Uttar Pradesh’s capital, Lucknow, is a historically and culturally significant city. Lucknow, sometimes referred to as “the Town of Nawabs,” provides a unique combination of stunning architecture, mouthwatering food, and a thriving cultural life. Here are the five best tourist places in Lucknow that you should not miss if you want to fully immerse yourself in this fascinating city.

A stunning architectural wonder and a representation of Lucknow’s opulence is Bara Imambara. Constructed in the eighteenth century by Maharaja Asaf-ud-Daula, this imposing edifice is renowned for its distinct style and complex Bhulbhulaiya, a complicated network of passageways and stairs. The terrace offers an amazing 360-degree view of Lucknow. Don’t pass up the opportunity to sample the authentic Awadhi delicacies from the neighborhood street food vendors. It’s one of the most famous tourist places near Lucknow city.

Top 5+ Must Visit Lucknow Tourist Places

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Here are the top 5+ must-visit Lucknow tourist places. 

Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara is a magnificent architectural marvel that epitomizes Lucknow’s splendor. Built by Maharaja Asaf-ud-Daula in the eighteenth century, this massive structure is well-known for its unique architectural style and intricate Bhulbhulaiya, a system of passages and steps. The terrace provides a breathtaking view of tourist places near Lucknow city in all directions. Don’t miss the chance to try the traditional Awadhi cuisine served by the street food sellers in your area.

Rumi Darwaza

Another well-known place among Lucknow tourist places that demonstrates the city’s genius in architecture is Rumi Darwaza. Known by another name, the Turkish The Gate, which indicated it is a striking example of the combined influence of Persian Awadhi architectural traditions and rises tall as an entrance to the city. Rumi Darwaza’s grand architecture and intricate details make it an ideal place for photographers.

Lucknow Residency

During the colonial era, the British Director General lived at the famous Lucknow Residency complex. It was a major factor in the Indian Rebellion of 1857, an insurrection that took place in that year. Its deteriorating ruins and verdant gardens serve as a mute reminder of times gone by. Examining the Residency offers an insight into the past of the city and the happenings during that turbulent time.


Hazratganj, a thriving commercial center and a popular destination for both locals and visitors, is the beating heart and spirit of Lucknow. Shops, eateries, and old buildings fill this lively boulevard. Savour delicious street cuisine, go for a stroll, browse for traditional Chikankari clothing, and take in the vibrant ambiance of this well-known retail area.

Lucknow’s Ambedkar Park

Given his enormous contribution to Indian civilization, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the creator of the Indian Constitution, hardly requires an introduction. A memorial to this remarkable person who battled against caste-based discrimination and social injustice is located in Lucknow’s Ambedkar Park. You can see his life, thoughts, and inspiration for millions of people throughout the park. The 107 acres of the park are split up into parts, each of which symbolizes a distinct era in Ambedkar’s life. Inspired by Buddhist and Dalit customs, the park’s architecture honors the culture and customs of the minority Dalit people amid one of India’s most distinctive settings. Inside the park, one may see lovely fountains, lush vegetation, and statues that illustrate Ambedkar’s life’s journey.

Railway Station Charbagh

Generally speaking, train stations don’t qualify as tourist destinations, do they? However, there is one exception to this rule: Lucknow’s Charbagh Railway Station. One of India’s most famous train stations, it has a royal air akin to that of a fort or house. The massive structure has minarets and domes and architectural elements of the Rajput, Awadhi, and Islamic traditions. You don’t often get to witness such exquisitely designed train stations, so don’t forget to take some photos of this impressive building. In addition, the best tourist places in Lucknow will entice you with genuine Mughlai and Awadhi cuisine. 

Things You Can Do in Lucknow

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Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, India, is rich in culture and history. Here are the top 10 things you can do in Lucknow:

Explore Chota Imambara: Another splendid monument constructed by the Nawabs of Lucknow. Chota Imambara is known for its intricate architecture, stunning chandeliers, and the silver throne of the Nawab.

Indulge in Awadhi Cuisine: Lucknow is renowned for its delectable Awadhi cuisine, which includes mouthwatering dishes like kebabs, biryanis, kormas, and various desserts. Tunday Kababi and Dastarkhwan are popular eateries where you can savor authentic Awadhi flavors.

Stroll Through Hazratganj:  Hazratganj is Lucknow’s central shopping and commercial hub. Enjoy a leisurely walk, shop for traditional Chikankari embroidery, jewelry, and clothes, and relish street food at local stalls.

Take a Heritage Walk in Old Lucknow: Explore the narrow lanes and historical sites of Old Lucknow. Visit Rumi Darwaza, Hussainabad Clock Tower, and Picture Gallery to glimpse the city’s rich heritage.

Attend a Cultural Show: Known as the cultural center of North India, Lucknow is well-known for its Kathak, a traditional dance style. To learn about the creative legacy of the city, see a live Kathak performance.

Visit the State Museum: The Lucknow State Museum houses an impressive collection of artifacts, sculptures, paintings, and coins that showcase the region’s history, art, and culture.

Relax at Janeshwar Mishra Park: Spread over 376 acres, Janeshwar Mishra Park is one of the largest parks in Asia. Enjoy a stroll, indulge in recreational activities, or simply relax amidst lush greenery.

Explore British Residency: Step back in time and visit the British Residency, a witness to the historic events of the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Explore the ruins, gardens, and the museum to learn about the siege of Lucknow.

The Bottom Line!

The lengthy series of identically shaped, pillared architectural structures housing the little stores is what makes the area so attractive. In the late evening, this cozy and comfortable atmosphere is reminiscent of entering a black-and-white movie. Put these tourist places in Lucknow on your list of must-see locations in Lucknow if you’re looking for a stroll down the movie theatre road.