Yosemite Vs Yellowstone

Explore the two famous national parks of the world: Yosemite National Park vs Yellowstone. Any time of the year, you can find various engaging activities offering something to do for all ages. These parks provide an incredible insight into the natural beauty of the West. If you get a chance to visit these places, you are fortunate enough. Yellowstone National Park vs Yosemite National Park can be a real concern for people who love to explore natural beauty and wildlife. Both of these parks, Yellowstone National Park vs Yosemite, have their specific strengths in their way. 

Impressive Facts About Yosemite

Yosemite First

Giant Sequoia Trees

Yosemite is popular for its giant sequoia trees. These are approx 3,000 years old and can grow about 30 ft in diameter and more than 250 ft tall. Giant sequoias are considered the third longest-lived tree species.

Mediterranean Climate

Yosemite National Park encounters a Mediterranean climate. It means that it experiences a mild, warm, and temperate environment. 

Valleys Are Formed By Glaciers

The glaciers reached around 4,000 ft thickness approximately one million years ago. These glaciers were developed at high elevations and started to move down the river valleys. The interaction of the underlying granitic rocks and glaciers is what created the unique landforms in the park. 

Has One of the Tallest Waterfalls in North America

Yosemite has an unlimited number of magnificent waterfalls. If you want to see these waterfalls, the best time of the year would be in spring. At this time of the year, you can see the peak snowmelt. These waterfalls tend to run dry by August.

Impressive Facts About Yellowstone

Yosemite Second

Contains an Active Supervolcano

Yellowstone National Park sits on top of one of the largest volcanoes in the world. The Yellowstone Caldera is around 1,000 square miles left behind by an eruption 640,000 years ago. 

Evidence of Humans Thousands of Years Ago

Humans have been living in Yellowstone for more than a thousand years. The earliest proof of human activity in Yellowstone dates back 11,000 years. 

Best Wildlife Viewing

One of the best locations for spotting wildlife is Hayden Valley in the central part of Yellowstone. Haul along the spotting scopes and search for wolves in Lamar. Keep a close eye on Hayden valley for lumbering bears. 

Visiting Yellowstone And Yosemite In Different Weathers

The comparison of visiting experiences of both Yellowstone Park Vs Yosemite is quite dramatic. The prime reason for this is that both of these areas are relatively high in the Northern Hemisphere. Particularly, in winter the entrance of both areas is restricted. Therefore, it is crucial to know and understand the expected conditions at both parks. After knowing everything, plan your visit accordingly. Below, we will compare the weather conditions of both parks in different weather to help you decide on visiting them. Have a look at Yosemite Vs Yellowstone weather conditions for visiting.


In Yosemite, the spring season starts in March and ends in May. Spring is considered a magical time for Yosemite. It is because at these times the dramatic waterfalls are at their peak. Also, during Spring, the meadows erupt into vibrant wildflower displays. Generally, the weather is generally mild there. However, some areas may still have snow. Particularly at higher mountains.

On the other hand, in Yellowstone, the weather starts in March and ends in May. The weather during this period can still be unexpected. As a result, some streets and facilities may remain closed. However, it is a fabulous time for peaceful exploration.  


In Yosemite, Summer starts in June and ends in August. Summer is the most famous period to visit. During summer there are warm days and clear skies. It is when you can effortlessly enter the park’s high-country routes and attractions. Though, it’s also the busiest season. Hence, be ready to face crowds and make accommodation reservations nicely in advance.

In Yellowstone, Summer starts in June and ends in August. It is the peak season in Yellowstone. There are warm temperatures and most routes and facilities accessible. Summer is the best period for wildlife viewing. It is because the animals are active. Also, it is perfect for outdoor activities. Just like Yosemite, in Yellowstone, there are also huge crowds in the summer.


In Yosemite, Autumn starts in September and ends in November. Fall is a fantastic period to visit. It is because this area has cooler temperatures. Moreover, during falls there are no huge crowds. Plus, the park’s greenery changes into vibrant fall colors.

In Yosemite, Autumn starts in September and ends in October. This is a charming period in Yellowstone. There is no crowd during this period and the atmosphere has cooler temperatures. Also, during this time, you will see the beauty of stunning autumn colors. It is an excellent time for wildlife lovers. It is because the park’s famous elk rut happens. Streets remain open. However, some services begin to close as the season progresses.


In Yosemite, Winter starts in December and ends in February. Many park streets and facilities do not have access in winter. The lower elevations of Yosemite remain accessible. It’s a serene period to experience the park’s quieter side. There you can see the waterfalls framed by snow or ice.

In Yellowstone, Winter starts in November and ends in March. Winter changes Yellowstone into a wonderland covered with snow. As a result, most streets and accommodations are not accessible. The National Parks Service offers some unique guided experiences. They use special vehicles. These vehicles give the chance to track wolves. Also, they will let you witness geysers steaming in the cold.


If you look at the Yellowstone vs Yosemite map, you will not see much difference. Both have their unique qualities. Also, these places are some of the best places to visit if you are a nature lover. However, if you see Yosemite vs Yellowstone size, you will see that Yellowstone National Park is way bigger than Yosemite National Park. 

Besides, if you are planning to go to any of these parks, do your research and prepare according to the weather conditions of these parks. Hopefully, this article will help you make the decision.