Libreville is a dynamic tourist destination from its strong history to its diverse wildlife, stunning beaches, to rich forest. You may wonder where is Libreville. Libreville is the capital of Gabon and the largest city situated on the north coast of Gabon Bay. The city’s current metro area population of Libreville is 884,000. Libreville was named after Freetown and a trade center for a timber region. It attracts visitors from across the globe to get the sight of its scenic landscapes, culture, and cuisine. We will walk you through this Gabon city Libreville to know better before you take a flight. So, let’s unravel what is hidden inside Libreville.

Best Time to Visit Libreville

Libreville has a tropical rainy climate, as the wet season begins in September and ends in May. So, the best time to visit Libreville is in the summer period, from June to August, when the weather is sunny and dry. Despite that, the accommodations and attractions are likely to be crowded and even expensive.

Must go places to visit in Libreville

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Gabon National Museum of Arts: Mark Gabon National Museum of Arts on the top of the list to visit Libreville. The museum represents the traditional arts, crafts, and culture of the Gabonese people.

Marche du Mont-Bouet: This is Libreville’s largest market, located at the center of the city. You can find everything here, and the fun thing is that you can bargain with the shopkeepers to get the product at a lower rate. Meanwhile, the atmosphere truly captures the spirit of this enchanting city.

Pointe Denis: It is a fantastic place to enjoy the stunning panorama of the city and one of the famous weekend destinations for visitors. Moreover, the Pointe-Dénis Beaches offers camping and various cultural attractions such as the Jean-Baptiste Emane Mvogo National Art Gallery. You can enjoy your time by swimming and walking and sighting the tropical scenery.

Pongara National Park: This park is located close to Libreville, packed with biodiversity. It’s home to animals like elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees. If you are a wildlife lover, then you must go to Pongara National Park to experience this fascinating destination. Additionally, it offers clean beaches and dense forests along with wildlife spotting.

Must-Try Dishes in Libreville

They have a delicious and rich cuisine reflective of their culture. So, whenever you visit Libreville, then you must try the below dishes for a delightful experience.

Saka-Saka: This tasty dish is made using cassava leaves that are cooked in a tomato and onion sauce. Plus, you have a choice of meat or fish to include, and it is commonly served with fufu or plantains.

Fresh Seafood: Libreville Gabon is known for its fresh seafood, with fish, prawns, and crab. You can find some popular dishes of grilled fish with plantains indulging in tomato sauce and shrimp in a spicy coconut sauce.

Poulet Nyembwe: This well-known dish is made with chicken, usually cooked with spicy peanut sauce, palm oil, garlic, and onion to enhance the taste.

Beignets: These are deep-fried fritters made of flour, yeast, lemon juice, sugar, cinnamon, oil and salt. Mostly, it is consumed in breakfast or as snack food sprinkled with sugar.

Maboké: This delicious food is a grilled fish dish roasted in special local spices and herbs wrapped in cassava or banana leaf.

Where to stay in Libreville

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You have multiple options for accommodations, either an affordable hotel or a premium luxury hotel. Here are some of our suggestions;

Hotel Radisson Blu Okoume palace Libreville: This hotel offers a scenic ocean sight along with convenient access to beaches. Moreover, the city-center attractions are only a little stroll away from the hotel, and the airport is far from 2 kilometers away.

Hôtel le Cristal: It is located in the center of the city of Libreville. You can have sight of the natural charm of Pointe Denis Beach and Akanda National Park. It is 15 minutes away from Leon Mba International Airport. It provides comfort and convenience to travelers and, overall, is a good service hotel to stay in Libreville.

Park Inn by Radisson Libreville: It’s a perfect match of buzzing city life and coastal calmness. The Pongara National Park and Pointe Denis are near this hotel, and you can go to the beach within a short walking distance. Park Inn Libreville has a mix of African and international dishes, in addition to a poolside bar. In general, it’s great to stay here with all the needed services.

Nomad Suites Residence: It is an affordable option with the comfort at hand. Basically, this is close to the airport and the residential neighborhood of the Sabliere. It is ten minutes distance from the city center and offers spacious rooms.

How to Get Around in Libreville

To get into Libreville, you can take a flight to Leon Mba International Airport from your country as it is served by many international airlines. Or you can drop in Libreville by way of boat or yacht. You have various transportation options to move around the city; it can be taxis, buses, and car rentals in Libreville. Taxis are the most common transportation; however, if you want to get around by driving a car then you can take cars on rent. Meanwhile, the buses can be crowded and uncomfortable but light on pockets than car rental Libreville.  


Libreville is a vibrant city with diverse culture and natural beauty that attract visitors. To get the most out of it, you must visit its museum, national parks, and markets and also take the Libreville map for guidance. Besides that, try out their local popular dishes like saka-saka, poulet nimble, beignets, and fresh seafood. You can roam around the city on the bus, taxis, and rental cars, and it also offers various budget-friendly accommodations to travelers. So, explore this enchanting African city with this ultimate guide.