Is Detroit Safe

Detroit is considered to be one of the most prominent cities in the USA. This city is majorly known as the motherland of the advanced automobile. Detroit also has world-class museums having legendary works of Degas, Van Gogh, John Singer-Sargent, and many more.

However, Detroit is supposed to have a relatively higher crime rate than the national average. Because of this, people often wonder how safe is Detroit, specifically in particular neighborhoods. This fact makes people think downtown Detroit is safe. The most common theft there is Property crime, including petty theft. It is common, with a 1 in 30 chance for travelers to experience it. Violent crime, though largely present away from tourist areas. Therefore, those areas should be avoided by remaining careful near the waterfront. Even with these situations, Detroit’s cultural attractions and affordability make it an appealing place for many travelers. In this article, we will discuss Detroit. After reading this article you will get the answer of whether is Detroit safe to live in. Keep reading to know further about this city.

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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Detroit

Detroit City is also known as Motor City. It usually gets a poor reputation considering crime. People often question themselves: is Detroit Michigan safe to visit? Moreover, Detroit is often included in the “Top Ten Lists” of the worst cities. This listing is according to the crime and violence rate of the city. Keep reading to find the most dangerous areas in Detroit and know if is Detroit safe city.


Beaumont is the most dangerous area in Detroit. The prime reason for this is its high rates of shootings and murders per year. If we look at the statistics, the crime rate in Belmont is 14,048 per 100,000 people. It makes it 664% higher than the national average. Locals of Detroit have a 1 in 8 chance of becoming targets of any crime. Besides, gang activity is incredibly high in Belmont. The activities associated with crimes such as assaults, robberies, and drugs are common. The average home price in Belmont is $29,300. 


Petosky-Otsego is another one of the worst neighborhoods in Detroit. This neighborhood has a population of 7,177, with a crime rate that is 626%. If we look at the statistics, there are 13,342 crimes per 100,000 people in this city. Therefore, it increases the resident’s chances of becoming a victim 1 in 8. Gang activity is dominant in this area. Also, the citizens usually report not feeling properly secure by law enforcement. The average home price in this area is $23,667, which is 81%.


Riverdale is one of Detroit’s most dangerous and depressing areas, with a population of 2,427. With a low socioeconomic index and a high crime rate, it is not a neighborhood for the faint-hearted. Riverdale has plenty of gang activity due to the area’s proximity to main highways. It makes the neighborhood a crime hotspot. Plus, it has a high homicide rate as compared to other Detroit areas.

Forest Park

Forest Park in Detroit has a population of 1100 people. The average household income of people in Forest Park is around $14,900. It is 73% below the national household earnings in the United States. However, it is one of the city’s most sparsely populated and dangerous neighborhoods. The unemployment rate here is 16%, 245% above the national average. It shows that with the National Federal Reserve this close, Forest Park would be among the safest areas in Detroit, but this doesn’t seem right. Here, the crime rate is 246% more than the national average. The property and violent crimes are 750% and 148% more than the national average. Even though it has a high crime rate, the neighborhood also has a vibrant nightlife. However, while visiting there, you need to be careful.

Efforts to Reduce Violent Crime Rates

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Detroit is keen to remove its reputation and has undertaken some steps to lessen crime, particularly in its most dangerous areas. Detroit also tries hard to keep the tourist areas safe. It is because almost everyone questions themselves ‘Is Detroit a safe place to live?’ before planning to settle there. Below, we have discussed some efforts to improve safety in Detroit areas.

One Detroit

One Detroit is a collective, multifaceted effort. It is made to lessen crime through assistance for the reentry of returning locals, prevention, and concentrated law enforcement. The City is making an effort and collaborating with church and community associations. For example, the Black Family Development. The Michigan Department of Corrections will attempt to do progressive things as part of One Detroit’s extensive program. For instance, those returning to the community after serving prison punishments can get job training. Also, after training, they help them find jobs and become contributing fellows in the community. Black Family Development, Inc. will give basic needs, mental health, and substance abuse assistance to those reentering society. Moreover, it also will give support to those affected by gun violence.

Project Safe Neighborhoods

Project Safe Neighborhoods primarily works on areas in the 8th and 9th Precincts. These areas lead the city in non-fatal and fatal shootings, thefts, and aggravated assaults with a gun. Detroit PSN utilizes the resources of multiple collaborators. They work through a strategy containing Project Ceasefire, a deterrence strategy to gang and group violence.

Project Green Light

Project Green Light is another public-private-community cooperation. It uses community policing and crime-fighting. It does this to make the safety of neighborhoods better. The project started in 2016, and the DPD (Detroit Police Department) collaborated with eight different gas stations. These gas stations have installed camera connections with the police headquarters. The Police Department selected gas stations for the initial partnership. The prime reason for this is that almost half of all violent crimes take place after 10 p.m. within 500 feet of a gas station. Therefore, doing this has lessened the crime rates in that specific area.


Being a city rich in crime, Detroit has much to be proud of. It is a hub of art and creativity, home of Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. The Detroit Institute of the Arts is undoubtedly one of the country’s most important museums. Furthermore, Detroit is the motherland of Motown and techno music. However, if you ask anyone in the U.S. what Detroit is popular for, the answer is always how violent Detroit is.

However, research before planning the trip if you plan to visit this city. Know about the dangerous areas and try to avoid them. This article will answer the question of whether Detroit is safe to visit.