Best Helicopter Tour Kauai

Kauai has extraordinary views and sometimes you cannot reach these beauties. However, you can discover the beauty of Kauai from the air through helicopter tours. This helicopter trip to Kauai will let you have the best and the most exciting time of your life. You can add helicopter tours to have an amazing time on any Kauai vacation. If you have a fantasy of getting a bird’s point of view of this beautiful location, there are a few things that you need to consider for the best helicopter tour of Kauai. Continue reading and find the best hacks and tips to make the most out of your tour.

Hacks to Schedule the Best Kauai Helicopter Tour

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Scheduling a tour ahead makes the plan even more convenient and full of entertainment. Follow the hacks below and plan your helicopter tour in Kauai.

Schedule the Tour Early

When you are looking forward to a helicopter tour in Kauai, you do not want to show up at the last minute. Most importantly, you must have a plan to have a smooth adventure. After you have decided on the dates of your trip, make sure to schedule a flight that is booked towards the beginning of your vacation. Doing so will allow you to rearrange the appointment if there are any sudden weather complications like strong winds. Moreover, if you have a problem with capturing photos in the bright sunlight, find early morning or late afternoon appointments. Find the best time of day for Kauai helicopter tour that suits you and book the appointment ahead.

Ask About Routes

Although all the aerial views in Kauai are beautiful, some areas are specifically breathtaking. You can ask your tour operator about the scenery and landmarks you will witness along the route. Normally, a flight will include captivating views of rugged mountains, isolated coastlines, and towns and cities. To give you a perspective, you may see the sweeping waterfalls of Manawaiopuna Falls and Wai’ale’ale Crater. These locations are also featured in the Jurassic Park movie.

Dress Appropriately 

It is important to be prepared with the right items to make your tour more enjoyable. Make sure you have the appropriate clothes according to the weather. Wear long pants and a jacket to handle the high-altitude winds. Plus, do not forget to wear sunglasses to cut the glare. If you want to capture the beauty of Kauai from the winds, carry a phone or camera. But do not carry extra bags since they will take up space in the cabin. 

What is the Best Time to do Helicopter Tour in Kauai?

A helicopter tour is perfect for viewing unique landscapes and discovering a new location during a trip. When planning your adventure, it is best to find the right time according to your preferences and schedule. Here are some tips you can consider to find the best time for a helicopter tour of Kauai.

Consider the Lighting

The position of the sun can have a significant impact on visibility during the tour. For instance, if you are flying during sunrise, you can witness gorgeous views, but it may result in glares in photos. Whereas, in afternoon rides, you will find lighting to be more consistent. The best time for sightseeing differs from location to location. However, 10 am to 2 pm is generally the ideal time to have a helicopter tour. If you are still unsure, you can consult with the local tour company to ask which time would be the best for the ride.

Select a Time When You’re Typically Active

An early morning ride will offer quality views. But there are chances that you cannot fully enjoy it if you are half asleep. Choose a time that does not interfere with your resting and eating schedule to get the most out of your time. Moreover, make sure that your other plans do not collapse with your tour. Keep these aspects in mind so that you can fully experience your adventure with no discomfort or stress.

Schedule Near Your Trip Beginning Time

Helicopter tours can be rescheduled in case of any equipment issues or inclement weather. That is why do not leave this experience for your last days of the trip. Keep at least a few days before your vacation ends so that your tour company can reschedule your trip at another time. Furthermore, when you do a tour at the beginning of your trip, you can see the popular areas and make it easy to get around.

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Is It Safe to Have Doors Off Helicopter Tours?

The doors-off helicopter tour is one of the most exhilarating adventures. But many people may think of it as an unsettling idea because of the lack of entryways. Even so, this activity is well worth the investment and completely safe. Add this activity to your tour list to have the best doors off helicopter tour Kauai experience.

Advantages of Doors Off Helicopter Tour

You can receive an unobstructed view of the scenic locations with a doors-off helicopter tour. It is specifically important for the individuals in the rear seat. They can enjoy the amazing sights even from their spots. However, the passengers in the front can enjoy a nice view out of the windshield dome. Additionally, the doors off flights are typically limited to just four passengers. Hence, no one is crammed in the rear middle seat, and nobody has to struggle to see the view. You will find the wind more refreshing and warmer than you can imagine, making the entire experience incredible.


Almost everyone has wished to fly in the sky at least once in their lifetime. Fortunately, we can fulfill our dreams with the help of helicopter tours. Plus, if the view is captivating, it can make the experience even more unforgettable. A helicopter tour in Kauai can be one of the best adventures of one’s life. It is so because of the amazing scenery and locations that we can witness from above in the winds. You can get the best out of your trip if you plan and ensure every important detail. It will help you to not have any stress and live to the fullest in the moment.