Where To Stay In Copenhagen

You’re planning a trip and wondering where to stay Copenhagen with family to get the most out of this charming city. As a first-time visitor, the different neighborhoods can be confusing, but this guide will give you the inside scoop from locals on the best areas to stay in Copenhagen. We’ll cover everything from trendy Vesterbro for foodies to quiet Frederiksberg for a local vibe. Whether you want to be steps from Tivoli Gardens or live like a real Copenhagener, use this guide to decide where to stay or where not to stay in Copenhagen on your upcoming visit.

Best Areas to Stay in Copenhagen for First-Timers

Copenhagen is full of charming neighborhoods but stick to these centrally-located areas for your first visit, especially if you’re wondering where is the best place to stay in Copenhagen. These areas offer convenient access to the city’s top attractions, restaurants, and cultural sites, ensuring you make the most of your time in the Danish capital.

Indre By (City Center)

As the historic city center, Indre By is a perfect base for exploring Copenhagen’s top sights like Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg Palace, and Nyhavn Harbor.

Must-see sites and landmarks in Indre By include The Round Tower, a 17th-century architectural wonder that has an observatory with expansive city views. Additionally, there is a library with exhibitions. 

Christiansborg Palace: A posh palace complex that houses the Danish Parliament, Supreme Court, and Ministry of State, it represents Denmark’s political history. 

Amalienborg Palace is a magnificent sight, consisting of four similar rococo-style houses surrounding a central plaza. It is the official seat of the Danish royal family.

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Just west of the city center, Vesterbro is hip and eclectic with a mix of cultures. It’s home to trendy cafes, bars, and nightlife along Istedgade and Vesterbrogade. The Meatpacking District is a popular spot for nightlife. Vesterbro is also more budget-friendly than Indre By, with good mid-range hotels and Airbnb options. Additionally, while you go about, have a look at: 

Kødbyen: this repurposed warehouse district is now a creative center with galleries, eateries, and nightclubs that keep the party going long after sundown. 

Vaernedamsvej is a lovely and laid-back street with a unique bohemian spirit known as Little Paris due to its French flair. 

Skydebanegade: It is an ambitious and dramatic housing project with complex and exciting architecture and is an excellent place for photographers to get a glimpse of Vesterbro’s creative character.


Nørrebro is an ethnically diverse, bohemian area north of the city center. It has a young, artsy vibe with many independent shops, coffee places, and bars on Elmegade and Jægersborggade. The Assistens Cemetery is a peaceful park and the resting place of Hans Christian Andersen. Nørrebro also offers budget-friendly accommodation in a central location.

Superkilen Park: It is a green urban area ideal for strolls and picnics that fosters unity and tolerance while removing you from the bustle of the capital. 

Jaegersborggade: It is a veritable gold mine for affordable dining and shopping while taking in the neighborhood’s atmosphere. It is dotted with boutiques, antique stores, and unique restaurants.


Just west of Nørrebro, Frederiksberg feels like a self-contained garden city with many green spaces, including the sprawling Frederiksberg Gardens. It’s an upscale residential area with some high-end hotels, especially around Solbjerg Plads. However, it’s still only 10 minutes to the city center by metro. The Copenhagen Zoo and Forum Copenhagen Mall are also located here.Also, a short stroll away will bring you to: 

Frederiksberg Palace: With its guided tours, Frederiksberg Palace—a magnificent Baroque mansion set amid verdant gardens—offers the ideal window into Denmark’s royal past. 

Frederiksberg Gardens: One of Copenhagen’s most significant and most beautiful green areas is Frederiksberg Gardens, which has lakes, meandering trails, and serene picnic areas where you can get back in touch with the natural world. 


Østerbro is a quiet, residential neighborhood located north of the city center. It’s home to many young families, with easy access to parks, playgrounds, and kid-friendly activities. In Østerbro, you’ll find Fælledparken, Copenhagen’s largest park, and the Copenhagen Zoo. The beach at Charlottenlund Fort is also popular with families in the summer. While strolling around the neighborhood, be sure to visit: 

The Lakes: Lakes (Søerne) is a group of three rectangular lakes with beautiful walking trails and pedal boat excursions providing a calm family day. 

Faelledparken: Copenhagen’s largest urban park, a local favorite where families can enjoy playgrounds, picnics, and open areas for recreation. 


Welcome to Christianshavn, a neighborhood of little islands that is a sanctuary for free-spirited people seeking an authentically creative experience in Copenhagen, including options for where to stay in Copenhagen with kids .This neighborhood is well-known for its colorful houseboats and trendy café culture along the canals. 

 You will adore Christianshavn’s unique appeal, characterized by its tiny lanes and antique buildings. It radiates inventiveness and nonconformity.Thus, while you’re out and about, be sure to stop by: 

Freetown Christiania is a creative and independent neighborhood in the city that offers a unique window into alternate ways of living and artistic expression. 

Church of Our Saviour: Prepare to ascend the spectacular 17th-century Baroque Church of Our Saviour, well-known for its outside spiral tower that offers panoramic views of the capital. 

The Copenhagen Opera House is Denmark’s national opera house and one of the most cutting-edge opera houses worldwide, providing the most lavish live opera and symphonic music experience.

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In conclusion, your interests, spending limit, and itinerary all play a role in determining where to stay in Copenhagen. Every area provides a different experience, whether you choose the modern vibes of Vesterbro, the cosmopolitan ambiance of Nørrebro, the ancient charm of Indre By, or the tranquility of Islands Brygge’s shoreline. Copenhagen offers a variety of lodging choices to accommodate the demands of each type of tourist, from opulent hotels to affordable hostels. Whichever route you choose, including where to stay cheap in Copenhagen, you can be sure that this energetic and friendly city will greet you with ease, convenience, and Danish friendliness.