Boston Onabudget

Boston is considered to be listed as the most expensive of the United States cities. That is why people having a limited budget will think of it as an impossible task to visit there. But, it is not entirely true. 

Traveling to Boston is never a bad idea since it is one of the most historic cities in the US. Because of its cultural values and top attractions, the has offered it more attention and desire to travel there. So, if you are willing to travel to Boston on a budget, here are some tips to have the best visit in Boston City.

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Affordable Locations You Can Stop in Boston on a Budget

Almost everyone looks forward to having a stay in Boston hotels downtown. However, it is not a great option, particularly when you have a budget. Although you will have quick access to restaurants and different top attractions, you will have to pay more if you are staying centrally. You should plan a stay a little far from the city which is a good alternative. Looking for cheap locations to have a stay in Boston City? We have mentioned some of the best cheap neighborhoods below as a short Boston travel guide.

Comfort Inn

Comfort Inn is a three-star hotel situated in the downtown Boston South. It is not the fanciest location to stay but it provides decent accommodations at comparatively low rates. The rooms further get more affordable at the times when there is less business. In this neighborhood, you can find various great parks. It is certainly an amazing location for people who love to have a peaceful place to have a good night’s sleep. In this hotel, you can also get free breakfast, free of cost Wi-Fi, and also no parking fees for your car.

Hostelling International Boston

HI, Boston is a popular cheap vacation place provider throughout the world. The HI Boston location offers affordable rooms that are perfect to visit Boston on a limited budget. The hotel is found in an amazing brick building. They provide free of cost Wi-Fi and a kitchen that every guest has access to prepare their food. Plus, you will also get a workspace when you want to work remotely. You can also find an in-expensive option which is a standard room where you can stay. However, if you have enough budget, you can also choose a premium room and there are private dorms with separate bathrooms. Although this place is basic, it is situated in a fantastic location. 

Cheap Activities You Can Do in the Boston City

There are several things you can do in the Boston city. The best thing is that these things are either very affordable to do or entirely free of cost. That is why it becomes easy to travel and witness the best things about Boston having a limited budget. Do these affordable activities and make the most of their low rates, living the best days in Boston.

Freedom Trail

Boston city has a huge influence on US history since it is the homeland of many significant historic sites. You can witness the Statehouse of Massachusetts along this pathway. It dates back to 1798; since then, it has been known as a Historic Landmark nationally. It does not cost a penny to run along this Trail. However, it can be a free yet ideal tour in Boston. 

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Quincy Market

Quincy Market has existed since 1826 and is a prime location for Boston shopping. There are many stores in this market that have everything from sweet candy to reputable fashion. Shopping is not free, which is obvious but it costs nothing to go to this location and indulge in the active environment of the place. 

Cheap Locations You Can Eat in the Boston City

If you are looking for a good place to eat in Boston, you should take benefit of various street food. You can find many city park food trucks. These may include the Boston Common and also near the Quincy Market. If you want to have a traditional dining experience, we have mentioned a few cheap places to eat. 

Tasty Burger

Tasty Burger is a local food location, typically loved by college students and the ones who are short on budget. You can also find offers that feature fries, a cheeseburger, and a beer at just $12. That is almost close to the fast-food rates. However, the burgers provided in offers are comparatively tastier than you will obtain at any fast food internationally. Therefore, if you are looking for an occasional but tasty meal, this place is the best and cheapest in Boston.

Lofts Avana Building Food Court

It is located in downtown Boston near Chinatown, but it is not easy to find. Find Friendship BBQ along Beach Street, where they serve delicious Chinese barbecue food. The tiny food court is also home to Avana Sushi and Dumpling King, so it is a one-stop shop for delicious and affordable Asian food. 

Further Tips to Save on a Trip to Boston

If you want to save money on your trip to Boston, you can consider these quick tips.

*Take the benefit of different safe public transportation systems.

*Visit free of cost attractions.

*Boston is a city where you can take a walk or ride a bike to discover the city.

*Visit Boston while there is an off-season going on. It will help you to save your money on transportation and lodging. Plus, you can get less crowded and quieter attractions.


There are a lot of things you can enjoy in Boston. No matter how limited your budget is, you can still have a great time. Do more research and find the best and cheapest locations to visit. Discover your adventure, and you will explore all types of treasures there. Do more research and find more places that you can visit in Boston on a budget.