Things To Do In Costa Rica With Kids

Costa Rica is a wonderful place to tour and is secure for families. It is packed with beaches, rainforests, rivers, and rich biodiversity. It offers a bulk of family-centered fun activities to do in Costa Rica with kids. From hiking in the rainforest to spotting wildlife and calming beaches to horseback riding, there are so plenty of things to do in San Jose, Costa Rica, with kids. To help you figure out the best activities, we have broken down the top things to do with kids in Costa Rica. So, let’s dig in without further ado.

Best Time to Go to Costa Rica with Kids

The dry season from December to April is the best time to tour Costa Rica with kids. However, it costs you more as compared to the winter wet season as this time is crowded with tourists. December and March are the most favored months to visit Costa Rica. We recommend booking your hotels and tour when you decide to run for Costa Rica over peak season to stay caught up. In addition, it would be best to get your hands on the Costa Rica map to explore the main tourist destinations.

Best things to do in Costa Rica with kids

Costa Rica has plenty of activities that fulfill the adults’ adventures and cover the things for kids. So, let’s dive deeper into the best things to do with kids in Costa Rica for an unforgettable time in this Central American country.

1-Go for volcano

Must Things First

Costa Rica is a dominant spot with six active volcanoes. One of the most attractive and picturesque volcanoes in Costa Rica is Arenal Volcano. You can see this 1,633-meter volcano from hotels, do hiking, rafting, or horseback riding, and your kids will be stunned to see its beauty.


If your kid loves to do adventurous activities, then you must go zipline above the tall trees and jungle valleys canopy of Costa Rican. It’s exciting to fly over the treetops on a zip line adventure. For beginner zip lines, Ecoglide and Arenal Canopy Adventure in La Fortuna, Black Stallion in Tamarindo, Wingnuts in Samara, and El Santuario in Manuel Antonio are the best for adventurous rides. In addition, it’s safe for kids and allowed for 4 years or older for ziplining in this vibrating country.

3-La Fortuna Hot Springs

One of the top things to do with kids in Costa Rica is swimming in hot springs. Adjacent to the bottom of Arenal Volcano, there are three most famous hot springs, Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa, The Springs Resort & Spa, and Baldi Resort, where you can have fun with kids on spring-fed pools and water slides. Well, a 3-year-old kid and more the age can enjoy the hot springs in Costa Rica.

4-Visit Beaches

Costa Rica beaches are kid-friendly, and your tour will be incomplete without visiting these dazzling beaches. Young Kids can play and swim in Ocotal, Panama, and Hermosa. If you are a surfing lover, then Costa Rica beaches have your back. Older Kids can learn surfing from surf lessons that are being taught on Samara, Grande, and Tamarindo beaches. Some of the best beaches in Costa Rica are Manuel Antonio, Cahuita, and Uvita to spend quality time with family.

5-Learn and make chocolate

Most of the kids crave chocolates, so it will a fun and educational for them to see how these are made. Go with your kids on the top chocolate tours in La Fortuna, Sarapiqui, and Puerto Viejo. They will learn how all the processes of chocolate making and how cacao turns into a yummy, sweet treat.    

6-La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Must Things Second

La Paz Waterfall Gardens has a panoramic view located in Alajuela province of Costa Rica. Walk through the La Paz Waterfall Gardens and experience the hiking trails and rain forests. Spend your day strolling through the rich gardens and lovely waterfalls to embrace the beauty of this place and have a memorable time. Kids can learn about a group of local wildlife.

7-Visit a butterfly garden

Costa Rica flaunts to conserve the environment and biodiversity with a climate control system that supports the survival of butterflies. Costa Rica is a place with 1500 species of butterflies and has some butterfly hideaways to explore. The popular ones are Monteverde Butterfly Gardens, The Butterfly Conservatory, and Spirogyra Butterfly Garden.

With their guided butterfly garden tour, you can fascinate live exhibits and learn about their life cycle. So, don’t miss out on the visit to Butterfly Garden, as you can handle insects and learn about them; it’s a fun thing to do in Costa Rica with kids.

8-Visit Museums

Next, the best thing to do in San Jose, Costa Rica, with kids is to visit the museum. If you a time in San Jose, then mark their cu; true and fascinating museums on your list with kids. One of the dominant ones is Museo de los Ninos or the Children’s Museum. Before the museum, this building was a military prison, and now its hallmark to the next generations of how to stand tall in case of political turmoil. Moreover, you can take a tour of El Museo de Oro and El Museo Nacional de Costa Rica to learn more about the community of Costa Rica.


Costa Rica is the safest and family-friendly country as a tourist destination. You can enjoy your moments in Costa Rica with a 5-year-old and an older one. Costa Rica is home to various animal species, including sloths, monkeys, birds, turtles, and more—you can see them in wildlife forest. There are many fun things to do in Costa Rica with kids, such as hiking, surfing, ziplining, and visiting museums, volcanoes, gardens, and beaches. Enjoy your haunting time and activities in this enchanting Costa Rica.